We're having some difficulties with international orders in our store, so if you're overseas and would like to order please contact us. US domestic orders should be unaffected.

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Store Fixed

Apparently an update to our store module had broken the shipping plugin, which had the side-effect of not showing the checkout button (since those don’t show until you’ve selected shipping and are ready for checkout.) Everything should be working again.

Store borked

Our store module seems to have gone and borked itself. As a result, currently it’s impossible to check out. Hopefully I’ll be able to sort this out sooner rather than later, but in the meantime if you just have to have some Hypnocube goodness please contact me and I can send you an invoice via Paypal or Google Checkout.

It’s Aliiive!

The new site design is up, replacing the old clunky cobbled-together site. We now have newfangled technologies such as… shopping carts! Galleries! Contact forms that don’t pretend it’s not working!

Not everything is completely fleshed out yet through, so content is still thin in places. Everything should be functional however (if you find something that isn’t, please let us know, along with what browser you are using. Thanks!)

Happy New Year!

Just a heads up that due to Thanksgiving Christmas New Years, any kit orders received in the next couple of days will not be processed until next Friday(Dec 26 Jan 2) or Monday (Dec 1 Dec 29. Jan 5)

8Squares available for order

After much delay, the finished 8Squares and kits are available for order from our order page. The instructions are quite finished yet, but I promise they will be online by the time kits are delivered (I decided to put the kit up for order before the instructions are done so the couple people eager to get them can get them sooner, and this will force me to finish the instructions 😉 ) They’re finished and up on the info page.

The 8Square is a significantly simpler kit than the 4Cube, but if you’re at all unsure whether you’re up to the task I encourage you to wait a few more days and review the instructions before ordering.

New 4Cube’s finally all ready

After much delay, the new instructions are available in PDF format.

I quietly updated the order page last week (though some of you sneaky people seem to have noticed and sneakily ordered,) and with the instructions finally done I guess the new cube is now officially released. Whoo!

Now to get the 8Square out the door…

(Oh yeah, the Features page still needs to be updated. Though it will probably be replaced entirely by a Products page as we offer things other than the one Cube.)

New features, manual, and sourcecode.

Here [hypnocube.com/Docs/UserManual_1_0.pdf] is a PDF of the user manual for the new 4×4×4 HypnoCube and the 8×8 HypnoSquare. This pertain only to devices bought after Feb 2008.

There are two sample programs with C++ sourcecode showing how to interact with the new devices. Both files are zip files containing Visual Studio 2005 projects. Read the above Manual for more information.

Now With 23% More Industrial-Chic

new 4Cube

The new 4Cube revision.

International Shipping

We’ve had a big up tick of queries from prospective international customers recently. Just to let everyone know, yes, we will happily ship internationally. The shipping is via parcel post, and $20 flat to keep things simple. I’ll add PayPal links on the order page for international shipping shortly. Also, you’re probably aware, but you will need a transformer or supply your own 2.1mm 9VDC 300mA adapter if your mains power differs from the U.S.

I’m off to Japan

Yeah, I know, just when it looked like there might be life around here, I’m running off again.

Since I’m going to be out of touch while gallivanting around, I’ve redirected the order notifications to Chris. Everything should work, but if you suspect your order wasn’t received etc, please contact Chris at the address listed on the contact page.