We're having some difficulties with international orders in our store, so if you're overseas and would like to order please contact us. US domestic orders should be unaffected.

James Miller sent me this fantastic time-lapse video of him constructing the 4Cube kit.

Posted with permission. Thanks James!


OK, not quite. We still have the retail 4Cubes in stock, which is the most popular item. But we’re out of all of the kits, and the finished items based on the kits. Chris is in Scotland and I’m in a big crunch finishing a large custom installation piece (more on that later,) so… no kits until both those are resolved in a couple weeks. Everything should be back in stock (including the naked 8Squares) June 23rd or so.

I am swamped right now leading up to a month long bike trip I will be doing in Japan, so I’m suspending Finished 4Cube USB sales (since those require a lot of my time to build) until I get back in May. We’re also temporarily out of 8Square PICs, though that will be rectified much sooner. Retail 4Cubes and 4Cube kits are unaffected and we have those in stock and ready to ship.


Unfortunately the switches we use for the 4Cube kits is out of stock from our supplier until mid February; I’m going to see if I can’t find some suitable replacement, but worst case the kits will be out of stock until the end of February. (Well almost – there’s actually one kit in limbo right not as the buyer’s card was rejected by Google, so depending on how that gets resolves it might come back but it won’t last very long.)

We have realized that the last set of 4Cube cases we drilled we used the wrong size bit for the USB plug opening, and the cable we provide won’t fit. It’s pretty close, and you could make it fit with a little work with an xacto knife, but of course we don’t expect you to have to do this. If your kit is affected, please contact us and we will send you a replacement cable (provided that we can find one that fits) or a replacement case. Alternatively if you would like to fix or get a replacement cable yourself we can refund you $15. I apologize for any frustration caused by our error.

I guess being out of stock for the entire month will do that. Who woulda thunk?

I’ve finally got the LEDs in, tested a few, and they’re right this time. So we should be packing up a pile of kits this weekend, and be back in business. To all who have been waiting, thank you for your patience!

After some back and forth got things sorted out (I hope…) with our LED supplier, and they’re sending us replacements. Barring further problems, I expect we’ll be back in stock by the end of the month. Blah.

We’ve got parts in, ready to be sorted into kits so we can ship out backorders and declare ourselves back in stock. But then I find that the LEDs our supplier sent us have the wrong pinouts. So I’m currently sitting on 10 thousand LEDs I can’t use and trying to get this sorted out with the supplier. Unfortunately this means we won’t be back in stock for probably at least 2 more weeks. Sorry to those waiting, I’ll be contacting those with backorders directly and you can always get a full refund if you don’t want to wait any longer.