We’re still here (but our stock might not be.)

I’m popping out of my long absence here to let people know that we’re low on stock of 4Cubes and might not be able to fulfill any new orders until January.

I know an update is long overdue in these parts, so real quick: the two most common questions I get are “are you still alive/selling” (yes) and “when is the 8Cube available?” (uh…) The 8Cube is actually getting pretty close to being done. I was hoping to have it available before the year was out, but unfortunately it looks like we’re going to miss it. So January is now the goal. I’ll try to take and post some pics so you don’t think we’re just completely making this all up.

One Response to “We’re still here (but our stock might not be.)”
  • spblat · December 18, 2009 at 12:13 pm ·

    Thanks for the update. We still care!