8Square USB

The 8Square is a 8×8 LED square with 64 RGB LEDs, in a nice wood frame. This is a fully assembled version of the 8Square USB Kit.

The 8Square hardware features:

  • 64 three color channel RGB LEDs with 4096 colors!
  • Runs on PIC18F4620 microcontroller, which has 64K ROM, 3.8K RAM, and runs at 32MHZ (8 MIPS). We have completely filled it!
  • Simple usage – plug it in to the wall and it goes!
  • Multiple buttons for user selectable control!
  • Hackable – program your own square to do what you want (difficult though!).

The 8Square software features:

  • 60+ distinct visualizations.
  • 10+ transition effects.
  • Variable speed randomly smoothed along random paths.
  • Dynamic palette morphing for smooth color effects.
  • Arbitrary symmetry and affine transform mappings performed dynamically.
  • User settable visualization speed, frequency, and presence.
  • Ability to playback animations from a computer, with an API and sample code to do so over USB.
  • Color, timing, symmetry, and transition randomization for creating unique visualizations on the fly.
  • 512-bit random cycle seed saved between power-ups almost guarantees never repeating visualization cycle.
  • Created with 20,000 lines of C code, and several hundred of assembler.
  • Three 8-bit channels of color computed internally, then dithered down to 4096 colors.
  • Displays over 6500 image updates a second to modulate the colors.
  • Uses a numerous hand crafted sprites and animations.
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