4Cube USB

This is a fully assembled version of our 4Cube USB Kit.

These are hand-made by Gene (as opposed to assembled in China) from our 4Cube kit which is why they cost as much as they do. Unless you really like the aesthetics of the kit version, and if you don't have a particular need for the USB programming feature, I suggest checking out our newer cheaper version.

4Cube USB features:

  • 64 three-color RGB LEDs that can each display 4096 colors.
  • Runs on PIC18F4620 microcontroller, which runs at 32MHz (8 MIPS) with 64K ROM and 3.8K RAM. We’ve packed it to the gills and running it fully maxed.
  • 51 distinct visualizations.
  • 10+ transition effects.
  • Variable speed randomly smoothed along random paths.
  • Dynamic palette morphing for smooth color effects.
  • Arbitrary symmetry and affine transform mappings performed dynamically.
  • Color, timing, symmetry, and transition randomization for creating unique visualizations on the fly.
  • 512-bit random cycle seed saved between power-ups almost guarantees never repeating visualization cycle.
  • Created with 20,000 lines of C code, and several hundred of assembler.
  • Code is fourth complete rewrite, so is very polished.
  • Three 8-bit channels of color computed internally, then dithered down to 4096 colors on the HypnoCube.
  • Displays over 6500 image updates a second to modulate the colors.
  • Uses a custom fixed-point 3D engine for image generation, along with numerous hand crafted sprites and animations.

International customers: Please note that the included USB power adapter is 100-240VAC compatible, but has a US-style plug on it so you may need a physical plug adapter. Alternatively you can use commonly available USB chargers (such as those made for phones.)

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