Does the Hypnocube respond to audio?

The 4Cube (and 8Square) does not have audio response.

The 8Cube, on the other hand, will have it.

Why does the kit cost more than the finished (retail) version?

A lot of people do a double take when they see that. The kit does have some extra hardware (USB and some nice toggle switches,) the main difference is due to economy of scale, or lack thereof. The retail versions we get made in China in large quantity, while the kits we pack here in small quantity; and since we wanted to keep the kits all through-hole components, they share almost none of the parts (just the LEDs.) So there you have it – seems backwards on the face of it but it actually does reflect our costs. (If, hypothetically, we could get the same economy of scale on the kits, they would be about the same price with the additional hardware about balancing out the assembly and retail packaging costs.)

When is the 8Cube going to be available?

Erm, yes. The 8Cube has been taking an¬†embarrassingly¬†long time. But we’re close to finished (really!) I can’t say when it will be finally available, but it should be in the coming months.

How much will the 8Cube cost?

We’re currently looking at the 8Cube Kit for $850, and the finished version for $1400. (Unlike the 4Cube, which we get manufactured in quantity, the 8Cube kit will indeed be cheaper than the finished, since we’ll be building the finished from the kits for you.)

Will you ship to my country?

Yes! We are happy to ship internationally. You can select your country in the ordering process.

Please note that while the supplied power adapter is compatible with voltages world-wide, the plug is a US-style two-bladed plug, so you may need a physical plug adapter if your country uses a different standard.

Is the Hypnocube edible?

No. Please stop licking it.

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