Sample Programs

There are two sample programs with C++ sourcecode showing how to interact with the HypnoGadgets. Both files are zip files containing Visual Studio 2005 projects. Read the  manual for more information.

Microchip Virtual Serial Port Driver

The Microchip USB-serial emulator driver files for the 4Cube under Windows. Unzip it to your system, and select the .inf file when prompted by the “add new hardware” dialog when you plug in the 4Cube for the first time.

Note: This is for the 4Cube Kit, which uses a Microchip PIC for the USB-serial bridge. The 8Square uses an FTDI module, for which drivers are available for download from FTDI.


4Cube Simulator

OpenGL simulator of the 4Cube. Download and run this windows program to see what the visualizations of the cube will look like. These colors are a little cleaner, but the physical cube looks pretty neat since it is real 3D, and you can move around it to see depth more clearly. This only emulates the 3-channel RGB cube at present.

This code is compiled from the same source as the cube PIC code, and an OpenGL wrapper interprets the color information, rendering the image buffers to 3D spheres instead of an interrupt sending the color info to the LEDs.

Here are some pictures of the simulator in action: