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Fort Wayne Maker Faire

We’re going to be at the Fort Wayne Maker Faire this weekend. If you’re in the area come by and say hi!


Maker Faire Detroit 2015 Edition

Our booth at the Detroit Maker Faire. We had a great time meeting people and showing off our stuff. There were a lot more people than the pictures might suggest, but I was busy talking to those people and only had a chance to snap pics during the lulls 🙂

Next, we’ll be at the Fort Wayne Maker Faire in a couple weeks.

S110-5777 S110-5784 S110-5789


We’ve been working on bringing our hypno-effects to string lights for some time now, and just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund our first production order! Check it out here:




Maker Faire New York!

The World Maker Faire in New York City is this weekend and we’ll be there for the second year! We’re (almost certainly) going to be in the Viscusi Gallery, upstairs inside the New York Hall of Science building. Come say hi and check out what we’re working on!

New York Maker Faire Web Badge

HypnoLSD now available

Our WS2812 LED controller is now available from our store! Now you can realize your dreams of multi-kilowatt LED projects easier than ever! 🙂

Detroit Maker Faire

We’re going to be at the Detroit Maker Faire this weekend! Come by, say hi, and see what we’ve been up to. I’m not sure where our booth is located yet, but it will be somewhere indoors (last year they had us in the back in a slightly darker area with other lights projects.)

Ann Arbor Maker Faire

We’re going to be at the Ann Arbor Maker Faire this Saturday (May 10.) If you’re in the area come drop by and say hi!

10K LED Demo Video

We made a video of the 10K LED test rig for the HypnoLSD module!
(Click through to YouTube for HD version)

Procrastinator’s Sale

We’ll upgrade any domestic US order made between now and ThursdayFriday to 2nd day shipping, free! Just order as usual and I’ll make sure it goes out 2-day.

(Did I say Thursday? I meant Friday. For some reason I thought Christmas was on Tuesday.)


Our 10,000 LED test rig for the HypnoLSD just went 100%:


At an estimated max power draw of around 3KW, this sucker is bright:



And it’s all being controlled by this little baby:



No PC attached right now, just running it’s internal demo routines.

Currently all 10K LEDs are connected in one very very long strand. We wanted to make sure the LSD could do it, and it helped get the timing kinks worked out. Frame rate is very slow since it takes a long time to push out 10K states. The LSD can handle up to 16 strands, and we’ll eventually configure it to run on 1250 x 8 strands  (~20 FPS) or 625 x 16 (~40 FPS).