About Us

Hypnocube grew out of a project Chris Lomont and Gene Foulk started in 2006. At the time, we decided it would be cool to try building a large LED cube. Neither of us had previous experience with circuit design, so it was an interesting challenge. We first built a 4x4x4 cube to test our basic hardware design, and found it so compelling that we decided to polish it as a product in it its own right, which we began to sell as a kit for hobbyists as an after-hours side business. That continued for a number years, selling enough to fund our continued tinkering. In 2011 we took the big step into manufacturing a retail version of the 4Cube. That went well enough that we felt confident in making Hypnocube our full time job, and earlier this year (2013) we quit our day jobs. Now that we can devote all of our time and energy towards Hypnocube, we hope to grow the company and make all sorts of cool new stuff. Exciting times!