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The HypnoLight is a 12 foot long light string made of 50 RGB LEDs.

HypnoLight features:

  • 50 three-color RGB LEDs that can each display 16 million colors.
  • 31 visualizations.
  • 19 Themes including
    • Default: shows visualizations in the default color schemes for each
    • Seven holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Fourth of July, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, and Valentine's Day.
    • Eight colors: Red, Magenta, Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange.
    • Slow mode plays the Default theme, but at half speed.
    • Night Light: plays dim and slow for night use.
    • Hue Cycle: the string light is a solid hue, slowly changing, for environment lighting
  • 3+ transition effects.
  • Each visualization tiles end to end, allowing seamless looping of one or more HypnoLights.
  • Each HypnoLight re-synchronizes on power cycle, so multiple ones stay synced (up to engineering tolerances).
  • Variable speed randomly smoothed along random paths.
  • Dynamic palette morphing for smooth color effects.
  • Arbitrary symmetry and affine transform mappings performed dynamically.
  • Color, timing, symmetry, and transition randomization for creating unique visualizations on the fly.
  • Created with 20,000 lines of C code, and several hundred of assembler.
  • Uses a custom fixed-point graphics engine for image generation, along with numerous hand crafted sprites and animations.



We've got these with either black or white wire. Turns out the item variants feature on our store is a bit busted, so until we can get that fixed let me know  when ordering if you have a preference. If I don't hear from you I will send you black (which seems to be the more popular color.)

International customers: Please note that the included power adapter is 100-240VAC compatible, but has a US-style plug on it so you may need a physical plug adapter.


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