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We’re not dead yet!

Wow, it’s been months since the last post. Oops.

Things have been going somewhat slowly, but progressing nonetheless. Nothing major to announce yet, but I figured I should post something so y’all don’t think we fell off the ‘net.

I’ve got some (relatively) new pictures I’ll post here shortly.

8Square Prototype

We’ve got our first 8Square board up and going. It’s not as novel as the cube, but it should be a lot easier to build, and we’re putting in USB so it can be controlled via a PC.


Back in stock

The case of cases arrived, and so we’re back in stock.

Also, Chris added an Under Development page, which now features a video of our 8cube prototype.

Hello world redux!

Just moved the new site to the hypnocube root. If anything’s broken, please contact me. The content is pretty much a straight port of the old site, but I’ll be updating it as required over the next week.

Also: 8square proto boards come in mid-week, so I should start flexing the blog with pics.

Almost there…

AdSense in, some nifty plugins for contact and FAQ in, bunch of little tweaks in… I wonder if all this stuff works on bad ol’ IE6 :p