We're having some difficulties with international orders in our store, so if you're overseas and would like to order please contact us. US domestic orders should be unaffected.

General Updates On Our Activities

We received the new 4Cube boards from the fab house today. The new version isn’t dramatically different than the old, but will feature USB connectivity to the PC to allow hackers & artists to control the cube without having to deal with low level microcontroller programming. It will also feature some basic controls on the cube itself to navigate visualizations (pause, forward, back, etc.) Should be available sometime next week.

The final 8Square boards have been sent to the fabbers recently as well, and they should be arriving in a few weeks. Expect kits to be available in about 4-5 weeks.

The 8Cube has been on the back burner a bit while we wrap up the new 4Cube and 8Square, but with the recent soldering juju (posted below) we should have a fully operational RGB battlestation 8x8x8 cube, at least insofar as the the electronics is concerned. Hopefully Chris will get it dancing soon.

Hand soldering 0.5mm SMT is no fun

It ain’t pretty, but it’s progress.

Gumstix adapter closeup

Gumstix adapter

(Incidentally, this is a module to mate the gumstix to the 8Cube controller. It’s basically a big breakout board.)

International Shipping

We’ve had a big up tick of queries from prospective international customers recently. Just to let everyone know, yes, we will happily ship internationally. The shipping is via parcel post, and $20 flat to keep things simple. I’ll add PayPal links on the order page for international shipping shortly. Also, you’re probably aware, but you will need a transformer or supply your own 2.1mm 9VDC 300mA adapter if your mains power differs from the U.S.

I’m off to Japan

Yeah, I know, just when it looked like there might be life around here, I’m running off again.

Since I’m going to be out of touch while gallivanting around, I’ve redirected the order notifications to Chris. Everything should work, but if you suspect your order wasn’t received etc, please contact Chris at the address listed on the contact page.

New 8Square Pics

Here’s some pics of the current 8square, in its frame. This should be very close to its final form – the only planned change is that the PCB will be black.

And here it is with a diffuse acrylic face plate.

The acrylic dims the LEDs too much to look good in well lit areas, but it looks pretty slick in the dark (I’ll grab a pic later, but I was in a rush.) We’ll include both the glass and acrylic so you can choose which you prefer.